Picanha Lamp With grilled vegetables and feta

What will you make:

A very healthy dish, ideal for your Sunday tables! Juicy lamb spices accompanied by the most delicious grilled vegetables bathed with melted grated feta! Our lamb comes from New Zealand, a country where the import of hormones and antibiotics is prohibited by law, so we have a very healthy meat. We have all heard about beef picania but also lamb is spicy and it is delicious.

Although we are used to considering lamb a fatty meat, this one is lean, without unnecessary fats but at the same time very tasty and juicy and very soft.

It is ideal even for those who do not like it due to its heavier smell since in this case its taste is mild.

What will you receive:with Japanese Sweet Potato Fries

+ All the ingredients you need to make the recipe except Salt, Pepper and Olive Oil

Difficulty : 2
Time : 180'
Service : 4
Preparation Time : 20'
  • 50.00€

Calculate to receive it 1 day before cooking

Παρακεντάκη Ευα

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